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Feng Shui in Your Living Room – Part 2

feng-shui-living-room-tips-600x540You already know some of the essentials in terms of Feng Shui system – we described them in the first article. However, there are more things you should consider and have in mind when you want to decorate your living room in accordance with feng shui. Most families spend a lot of time in the living room therefore even if the other rooms are not decorated according to the system, making this room feng shui will still have a positive impact on your home. Accommodate the right energies that will attract happiness, health and wealth of the family. Read on and see the rest of our feng shui advice:

by Julia

Feng Shui in Your Living Room – Part 1

feng shui tisp to decorate living roomIf you want to ‘dive’ into Feng Shui philosophical system and benefit from it most, start with decorating your living room according to it. This is the room in which you spend the most of your day so you will start feeling the positive change immediately. Create a happy space – with the help of Feng Shui, you will bring positive and fresh energy to your home as well as making it beautiful and practical!

by Jimmy Abbott

Smart Uses of Coconut Oil Around the House

Smart Uses of Coconut Oil Around the HouseYou definitely know that coconut oil is an incredible and versatile green product that has become very popular because of its numerous applications – its beauty, health and household uses made this substance a must-have in every home. In this article, we will share you some of its functions around the house. If you are starting to think that there is nothing that coconut oil can`t do, you are probably right!

by Alexandra Higgins

How to Get Rid of Paint Stains on Different Surfaces

How to Get Rid of Paint Stains on Different SurfacesSummer is that time of the year associated with massive home improvement projects, considerable investments in a home refurbishment and enjoying the fantastic results of the makeover. Nothing makes a room look brighter or more elegant than a new coat of paint. According to a popular belief, painting does not require any special skills. You just buy the desired colour of paint, get a suitable brush and that’s it. Well, if you have tried to complete a painting project on your own, you should know that the reality is quite different. Yet, if you have decided to do the painting by yourself and now you have to deal with a splash of paint, here are a few tips how can you remove it.

by Timothy Clayton

A Full Guide to Cleaning Your Sink

A Full Guide to Cleaning Your SinkYou use it every day. This is the spot where you wash dishes, utensils, pots and pans, fruit and vegetables, even meat before cooking. You use it dozens of times a day and you must agree that this may lead to a real mess. Maybe you have already guessed what is it that we are talking about? That is right – it is the kitchen sink. Like any other sink, the one in the kitchen also requires being cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. The greasy food and the dirty utensils can make the sink grimy much more and much faster than any other sink in your house. Fats linger on the sides and the sink very rapidly loses its silvery shine. And you should not allow this to happen not only because it is ugly but unhygienic as well. So, how to clean the kitchen sink easily and effectively? Here are some pieces of advice you can take advantage of:

by Julia

19 Travel Essentials

19 Travel EssentialsTravelling is a wonderful experience that could bring you a real joy and relaxation like nothing else, not to mention the precious memories which remain after that. For parents, travel is a way to entertain and educate their children as they show them something different from their usual environment. If you are going on such an adventure, then you will need to be well prepared so nothing can ruin your vacation. Naturally, you must start with planning as this is a very important part of the whole journey thing, especially if you are going to spend time abroad. Here is a list of 19 travel essentials which will make your holiday fun and comfortable – check it out:

by Jimmy Abbott

What to Do When Your Cat Thinks Outside the Box – Step by Step Smell Neutralisation Guide

What to Do When Your Cat Thinks Outside the Box - Step by Step Smell Neutralisation GuideAs a cat owner, you must be well aware of the fact that accidents happen, no matter if your furry friend is used to the litter box or not. If you have a gorgeous male cat, you are more likely to experience the inconveniences related to removing pet urine smell from around the house. Having a female cat does not eliminate the chance of having to deal with a pet stain on the sofa or the mattress. So, make sure you keep an emergency kit on hand. If you have a grown up cat that was used to using the litter box and all of a sudden he/ she decides that your bed is the new WC, in most cases the unusual behavior is caused by stress, a certain change in the house or the cat just takes a revenge if you have made her angry.

by Alexandra Higgins

12 Cleaning Hacks Used by Your Grandma

12 Cleaning Hacks Used by Your GrandmaNowadays, we are lucky to have a huge variety of cleaning products at our disposal. No matter if you want to neutralise an unpleasant pet smell, remove a barbecue sauce stain from your favourite t-shirt or disinfect the bathroom, you have a plethora of cleaning solutions to choose from. Have you ever thought how your ancestors have dealt with dirt and stains and how they managed to keep their houses clean without the help of expensive cleaning agents? There is a good reason why the cleaning supplies your grandmother used are the main ingredients of the majority of cleaning solutions you can find on the shelf in the supermarket. So, here are a few cleaning hacks you should try. They are inexpensive and yet effective:

by Timothy Clayton

9 Uses of Essential Oils in Your Beauty Routine

9 Uses of Essential Oils in Your Beauty RoutineNo matter if you are using a ‎£10 face cream or a £100 magic potion, usually the secret behind their efficiency is an essential oil. We are not saying that you should stop buying beauty products and leave hair and skin professionals without a career, but there are some recipes that you should know so you can make your own homemade potions with the help of essential oils. The most important thing that you should have in mind is that when you are making your beauty products you should mix the essential oil with a carrier oil such as olive, coconut or jojoba oil because essential oils may be harsh when put directly on skin and hair. Below you will find out some recipes you should definitely try:

by Julia

Bring Colour to Your Home – Best Hues to Use in Any Room

Bring Colour to Your Home – Best Hues to Use in Any RoomIt`s not a rocket science that colours has a subtle influence on your mood – you know that famous brands spend million pounds hoping to make their logos appealing subconsciously so you prefer their product. Well, when we are speaking of the way you choose the colours in your home things are pretty much the same – you should make the room appealing by decorating each room in accordance with its intended purpose. Interior designers know how to provide optimal colour choices to make you feel safe and relax. However, if you can’t afford professional interior designer or simply want to broaden your knowledge on that subject, read on and find the most suitable colours for every room – decorate your living premises in a way that will profound the effect on the emotional well-being of you and your loved ones!

by Alexandra Higgins